Achievements and new projects

Throughout the nineties and into the new millenium, EEDA successfully offered a programme of housing and social assistance to over 300 young men and women from state run institutions, helping them to find work, integrate into society and enjoy the rights of full citizenship.

The BILC housing project at Moogosoaia

EEDA was given a Untied Nations Award for International Cooperation for its  five self managed housing projects in Bucharest.  EEDA and Asociatia BILC went on to develop Bucharest’s first drop in centre for young people offering  a general practitioner, cousnselling and help with housing and employment. It set the standard for others to follow and was well known in Bucharest and in the media for lobbying central government for improvements in social housing for vulnerable young people.

The BILC housing project at Plutasilor

From Institutions to Independence